Calling it Advanced is an understatement

Our Features

Your favorite Floor Plan

Customize your floor plan using tables, objects and uploaded images. Our smart tables hold the reservations information and change color based on the guest’s activity for a visual experience.

Quick Reservations

Taking reservations is both quick and powerful. TableHost provides you with the tools to multitask effectively and prevents any mistakes.

Managing your Reservations at the Door

As simple as it looks, select the reservation, and checkin guests using the QR code or our guest counter

Ticketing Done right

Publish your tickets on the TableHost App, your company website and social media pages with our easy to integrate code.

Pre-definedGuest List

Input your favorite guests once, and easily assign them to the event.Notify your guests with a notification or SMS

Truly know your Customers

Keep up with your customer’s activity and truly understand their behavior using our advanced CRM tool.

Your most Valuable Asset is your staff

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. The staff management tool, will allow you to create profiles for your staff for more efficient team management, task distribution and performance tracking

Publish your events

Made for the nightlife industry, simply create an event and publish it directly to the TableHost mobile application


Optimize your hourly operations by gaining instant and valuable insights from your venue’s dashboard.

Business Intelligence